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a chorus

amy grace, a beautiful writer and photographer, contacted me recently, with an invitation to add to her loving contribution to the web and spot on tribute to women artists. because i spend so much time behind a screen in my work, i am not a big blog reader simply because i prefer to turn pages. so i was unfamiliar with the chorus before she reached out. then i read it. and then a lot of my feelings about internet and false connectedness and skepticism of others' motives got all tossed around a bit.

here were real women, not all "celebrity bloggers" nor ever professing anything of the sort, speaking plainly and poetically about the realities of navigating the perfect storm that is our sisterhood. showing their bones. i was all in.

and because of that i had to make live this little blog i'd been hoarding away, and release the website i have re-worked no less than 147 times in the last few years, while leaving a dated ancient one live for folks to visit. i had made it awfully hard to find me on the internet, both purposely in some ways and totally accidentally. i'm funny, and dumb like that.

so thank you, amy, for asking specifically for my words and showing me a place where there really is connection to be had, being connected over the internets. also, for the bravery you didn't even know you were bestowing on me. and for believing. for inviting us to come to the chorus with our own off key cracking voices of love and loss and total surrender.

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