amy mcmullen
intuitive portraiture

f a q

questions you might have



q: what do you sing when out to karaoke?

a: i'm an "angels from montgomery" kinda girl. the fugees version of "killing me softly" for more pep.  a little cranberries, maybe the bangles, sometimes springsteen.

q: i'm running for office/online dating/making a movie/writing a book/in a new band/opening an inn/having an art show/taking a road trip....   can you tell my story?

a: i've photographed humans in all of these situations and love each and every new story to tell.


q: i live in new zealand/tokyo/montgomery... will you come here to photograph me?

a: my passport's just itching for more stamps! i've made photos of folks in australia and malaysia, new york and l.a., missoula and mexico. we can work together on what travel fees make sense, and often that's waived if you set me up with others in your area!


q: what should i wear to a session with you? 

a: you should feel your very most gorgeous. if that means a vintage prom dress, you should be in it. if it's jeans and a tee, do that too. i love deep colors. bold prints. fancy pants. basically you should be wearing the thing you feel most fabulous in, that's timeless enough you won't cringe seeing it ten years from now. that usually means avoiding logos and big trends. we'll also have a phone consult and i'm thrilled if you bring options and let me play around to see what works best.

 q: i'd rather stab my eye with this fork than have my portrait made. you feel me?

a: baby, YES. i so get that. in fact i've traded work with my favorite photographers in the city, and not been on the receiving end because i am a hot mess in front of the camera. i'm working on it, but it's HARD, so i have empathy. and again, i've got you.


q: you mentioned trading. do you do that kind of thing? like can i pay you for your work in massage, my own art, maybe some yard work?

a: boo, i'm a bartering fool! i love creative ways to swap talents and will always entertain new ideas.


q: MUST you, with the pet names? ew.

a: kinda? but if it bugs you or is offensive i'll try to ease up.


q: is that really sir mix-a-lot up there in those images? did you somehow wind up backstage with and photographing a 90's icon on accident?

a: yes. yes i did.