amy mcmullen
intuitive portraiture

a b o u t

photo by my dear friend and badass photographer jen downer at she saw things photography.


pumpkin panang curry forever.

also peonies, and reading in the bath. and ospreys by the river and bowie on the turntable.  i'm a small-time adventurer, big fat doggy lover and brand new meditator.

my friends might tell you i make a mean soup and my kids would tell you that i'm terrible at accents.

still, i try.

i wanna bake pies for people but hate measuring things, and wish i gardened but when i pull weeds from the ground i think i hear them yell, "why ME and not THAT guy?"  so i don't do much of either. the good thing about your forties is that you start to know these things about yourself. 

i believe the best work we do while we're here is to keep on becoming.

i walk long by the river and thrift well at the senior center and am filthy rich in friendship. the women i know are all made up of magic.

i cherish my long time partner and big love family and am proud to be raising boys becoming men the world will be glad for. 

i believe stories are lifelines and time is a boulder and the only way i know to slow it's roll is to make photographs and keep telling stories.