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quick glimpse

every now and then, i get an image that captures nearly the whole of one of the boys. as much as i wish it was everyday, it is rare, that (often, shamefully,) weeks after clicking the shutter, i upload an image that stops me in my tracks, stops my breath and brain and heart for a brief second to get to see him so fully:  who he is as a still young boy, (tender, funny, complicated, deep, dear, dreamy) and who he'll be as a man (hopefully, trustingly, still all of these things and so much more),  and that glimpse into the future, that quick precious peek into his being, makes me feel so lucky to stumble upon him, to witness and live with the person that he is, that i feel small, impressionable, and realize once again that he's teaching me so much more than i could ever hope to teach him.
and i'm washed over with

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